What do we do?




There are times in one’s life when a listening ear is needed;  when it would be helpful to speak to someone with the skills to hear at a deep level the issues that concern us.


The counselling service aims to help in a friendly, courteous, respectful and professional manner.  Through empathic listening skills counsellees are helped to find their own solutions to issues. 


Our counsellors are trained Christians able to offer non-directive, non-denominational and non-discriminatory help to those who have faith or who have none.  We believe God is able to help - that where problems have affected clients ‘body, soul or spirit’ we can offer holistic and appropriate help.  


Issues covered may include:

·         Depression

·         Bereavement and loss

·         Anxiety

·         Adult survivors of child abuse

·         Suicidal feelings

·         Self-harm

·         Panic attacks

·         Hopelessness

·         Anger management

·         Rejection

·         Finding meaning in life



Hope Counselling is part of Hope Trust, an Irish registered charity No 16931 

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